Wednesday, 30 May 2012

What You Can Expect From Big Macro Picture

We analyse trends in global macroeconomic data, "phases" and trends in the market and business conditions, and conduct investment-focused market breadth analysis.

You will not find this kind of analysis amongst professional economists - you won't find it on Financial News TV networks - and you won't find it spoken of between most investors or analysts.

We use, and share, this type of analysis because it works for us. We measure success of analysis by how useful it is to us in real investment scenarios - how much more effective are our investment decisions as a result of our analysis?

You can expect analysis in an objective, unbiased format. We are not permanent "bulls" or "bears", other than in the absolute long run (over several decades, in a market system, it pays to own productive assets such as equities). You won't find us calling for the end of the world, or the start of a new golden era, by twisting our analysis to fit our views. Investing isn't about bulls or bears "winning", the market does not care about bulls or bears. We're only interested in calling what we see, and not bending the truth to our story.

You can also expect us to write in plain English. We are ordinary investors, doing nothing more complicated than reviewing a broad bunch of indicators and making market analysis. We want to be insightful, but our work needs to be easy to read and understand. Hiding behind jargon would be pointless.

We are market-focused, and will try to offer insight on the relevant short-term market levels we're looking at. There are many TA experts online who are more effective at trading on shorter timeframes, so we'll be focusing more on market breadth and other less-cited indicators.

We recognise that rarely ever is analysis black or white - we want to give balance to every story, by identifying both the "for" and "against" arguments for being bullish or bearish on a particular timeframe. You will rarely see us trying to grab attention by saying "xxx is definitely going to happen", we're far more likely to simply weigh up the arguments and express our caution or optimism.

This is not a tipping page, but we will describe what instruments and securities we're using as we go along -- nothing on Big Macro Picture should constitute investment advice, please conduct your own research and consider Big Macro Picture as a diary of our particular style of analysis. We are not responsible for how you choose to use our analysis - so please be careful when making trading and investment decisions.

We're not interested in politcal bias either, in the UK or the United States. Politics and investment don't tend to mix well - we won't be preaching any political stances at the Big Macro Picture, politics is virtually irrelvant to us.

We'll be posting whenever something relevant catches our attention - sometimes live and sometimes at the end of the trading day when we summarise events. You can expect insight, opinion and commentary on all these relevant factors - we hope you find it interesting and useful!

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